That has nothing to do with school

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The ones you envy.

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Gustavo Fring — Pexels

An Employee’s Personal Experience of Being in Charge of Supplies in a Hospital Full of COVID Patients

Virtual Graduations are the Right Choice at This Time

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A Daughter’s Resolution to Meet her Father and Start a Relationship Will Make You Believe in Fate

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Hearing her words at that moment made me want to abandon my efforts and just sleep

“You don’t have…

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As long as celebrities post pictures of thin, surgically constructed bodies, viewers will feel like they don’t measure up

Noticing kids’ personal strengths makes them more powerful- give comments, not compliments

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By knowing their “thing,” they began to define themselves and develop a new type of confidence.

After a traumatic loss, acceptance by others on the fringe helped me move on.

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Crosson Collins

Mom/ wife/ teacher —Trying to document the journey. Looks to literature to understand life. Enjoys writing about life experiences.

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