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On this snowy morning, clusters of sophomores spill out into the hallway, ready to board the school van that’s taking them to the funeral. My school’s Administration arranged that friends of Ella could miss class to attend her father’s funeral. Cancer took his life swiftly and efficiently, hardly giving him a chance to fight back. Seeing the composed packs of teenaged girls reminds me what I like most about girls this age- they’re fiercely loyal to their friends in times of crisis. The minute Ella’s friends knew the funeral arrangements, they drew up a petition requesting that they be excused…

The ones you envy.

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I worked with one for three years. We both taught middle school and 9th grade English. When she joined our faculty, I thought I’d help her navigate the ins and outs of the school, but she absorbed the culture in 30 seconds. Our lesson plans and instruction were essentially the same, as we fed off of each other’s ideas. Weirdly, we resembled each other. Sometimes students got us confused, joking that we were the same person. I would laugh it off pretending it was a silly comment, but I liked hearing that. I took it as a compliment because I…

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An Employee’s Personal Experience of Being in Charge of Supplies in a Hospital Full of COVID Patients

I was finally able to sit down with my husband and listen to him. He’s a hospital worker. He’s not a doctor or nurse, but an employee who is in charge of the hospital’s supplies, from toothbrushes to pacemakers. On March 11th, when his hospital ramped up preparations for its COVID surge, his manager said that everyone in his department was expected to work overtime and not take time off for the foreseeable future. Since then, he’s worked many, many hours throughout this crisis without any hazard pay or a raise.

I’ve only talked with my husband for brief stints…

Virtual Graduations are the Right Choice at This Time

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Life is so much easier when you shed your myopic vision and see the big picture in situations.

One of the gifts of adulthood is being able to handle disappointment with reason and perspective.

In this pandemic crisis, school administrators are scrambling to make decisions about issues that never before crossed their desks. Decisions about prom, graduation, and other school traditions are in the crosshairs of our country’s quarantine. Not only are many schools faced with unprecedented problems that need important, prompt solutions, but they must find solutions based on an uncertain future.

Important questions like how to celebrate graduations…

It’s the Same as Trophy Animal Hunters

A Daughter’s Resolution to Meet her Father and Start a Relationship Will Make You Believe in Fate

By dying on the same day, they have a permanence, a synchronicity, a bond- all things that were so painfully absent for my mother most of her life.

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Hearing her words at that moment made me want to abandon my efforts and just sleep

I'll never forget the words my friend said to me when I told her I broke up with my boyfriend, whom I loved a lot. We were 27, and while she was freshly engaged to a nice man, I was trying to navigate a serious relationship with my boyfriend. Until one day I unexpectedly stopped dating him. When I told my friend that I broke up with Dave, she felt bad for me and assured me that he wasn’t a great prize to be lost. Then her voice became soft and lilting when she said the words-

“You don’t have…

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As long as celebrities post pictures of thin, surgically constructed bodies, viewers will feel like they don’t measure up

I’ve avoided the mall for years, but recently I went, and something felt different. I couldn’t put my finger on what had changed since my younger days when I cruised the mall, but there was definitely a different vibe. Then it hit me — I realized that store windows displayed images of models that looked remarkably different from what I was used to seeing. For once, the models smiling at me from vivid, 6 ft high poster boards in storefronts looked like real people. Everyone looked beautifully familiar and pleasant, with faces and bodies that were perfectly relatable.

What a…

Let’s Face It Our Modern Youtube Era is Really Ancient Greece

Youtube influencers are followed for the same reasons Greek gods were worshipped

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I walked into my 9th grade World Literature class minutes after the bell. The room doesn't change. The freshman class of all girls isn’t wondering where I am, nor are they noticing my late arrival. Their eyes are glued to their phones, but there’s some sporadic, intense chatter breaking the white noise hum of the ceiling fan. “Sorry everyone, my meeting ran late; let’s get started by putting phones in the bin.”

Vicki, my student who’s always quick with an answer said, “Hold on, Mrs. …

The One Thing Teachers Can Do To Build Student Confidence — Find Their “Thing” and Tell Them About It

Noticing kids’ personal strengths makes them more powerful- give comments, not compliments

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By knowing their “thing,” they began to define themselves and develop a new type of confidence.

“Great job! ``’’Way to go!” “Keep It Up!” This boring opening should seem pretty familiar. Do they remind you of the stickers teachers put on tests and schoolwork when you were little? They’re all compliments you‘ve heard growing up because they’re the stock teacher compliments that are mindlessly said to students over the years. To be fair, they’re very nice declarations, and they send positive…

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Mom/ wife/ teacher —Trying to document the journey. Looks to literature to understand life. Enjoys writing about life experiences.

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